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Live unforgettable moments through our enticing range of events. Fast 1 Club hosts a plethora of experiences within a global network of members. Through affiliations with our concierge partnerships, we have an array of exhilarating activities and occasions on offer.
Imagine cruising, in a hot red, open-top Ferrari through the alpine utopia of the French Rhone-Alps, engulfed by breathtaking passes amidst silent sandstone villages or zoom along the smoking asphalt in a fiery Nissan GT-R at one of our unlimited private track days. The hum of the turbo-charged engine sends a thrill down your spine. No worries in the world, just living the dream.
Our lifestyle concierge service revolves around cuisine, travel and culture. Enjoy personal invitations to all club activities in the UK and Europe; supercar entourage tours in Europe and further afield, private track days on top UK tracks, luxury lifestyle festivals, exclusive networking events, new car reveals and testing events, art exhibition openings, rallies, jet rides, whatever our members want, we strive to provide it for them.

Associate with an alchemy of diverse, eclectic and cosmopolitan individuals with a shared passion for the supercar lifestyle.

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Events Coming Soon

Upcoming exciting events include:
Morton’s Exclusive Lifestyle Members’ Club, Mayfair – 20th November 2019
28 Berkeley Square, London, W1J 6EN
Event break down
4-6 pm – Instaclub content creation with fast1club cars, video content creation for the event
6-6:30 pm – guests welcoming for fast1club event
6:30 pm – networking (canapés)
7-7:30 pm – fast1club director, Julia Titova and Morton’s manager have a word for the guests
7:30-8 pm – more networking

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”