About US

A Club In A Class Of Its Own

Established in the UK by supercar enthusiasts with decades of experience in the motoring industry, Fast 1 Club is a team providing like-minded individuals with a unique and unmatched driving and luxury lifestyle experience. We started our group to share our passion with our friends and investors interested in enjoying first-class luxuries and the thrills of the supercar mode de vie.

We believe in a life well-lived… and lived loudly!

What We Do

Enjoy the authentic supercar lifestyle with Fast 1 Club — deluxe experiences on offer with all the fastest and latest supercars. Fast 1 Club has placed itself globally at the forefront of providing elite supercar living and services.

Through our memberships, enjoy access to an extensive collection of exotic vehicles available with new additions added frequently. We are also offering a diverse palette of fantastic services for you to savour the ultimate supercar way of life, including;

  •  Fractional ownership of cars without depreciation
  • Consulting assistance in acquiring and purchasing supercars
  •  Insurance solutions
  •  Chauffeuring, transport and delivery services
  •  Unlimited track days exclusive to our members
  •  Lifestyle events and perks through partnerships with other luxury brands
  •  An innovative networking app and more

Technology and innovation are at the heart of what we do, striving to provide our client base with the most forward-thinking and exceptional services available on today’s market.
We encompass the social and experiential elements of the supercar lifestyle, with a growing crowd of diverse individuals who share similar interests