The college of Education at Drexel University is well known For Its Experiential Learning Unit

Located in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Drexel College or university is a global R1 study institution renowned due to its experiential education model. Students are placed in real-world configurations with experts who will work on the biggest challenges of our time.

Drexel’s unique educational model combines cutting-edge adaptable curricula with immersive learning experiences. College students are exposed to real-world problem solving through practice-based labs and community-based learning initiatives. In addition , students operate closely using their advisors over the program to build up their own activities that fit their personal and specialist requirements.

Drexel’s College of Education offers a lot more than 200 degree programs. With applications ranging from Bachelors to Doctorates, students have the opportunity to study in many different subject areas. Pupils can take homework online and on campus, and are persuaded to develop their own schedules to meet up with their specific requirements.

The School of Education’s MS in Learning Systems program is certainly nationally recognised for its strengths in instructional penn state univ map style and learning sciences. Students focus on real-world tasks that put together them to get leadership and professional obstacles in a different range of options. The program is made to help graduate student students prepare for success because knowledge frontrunners in a rapidly changing world.

Students may also explore the Drexel Cooperative Education plan. This program gives students the opportunity to gain up to three co-ops. Through these kinds of experiences, learners have the opportunity to evaluation their profession options and make their maintains.

Students find work on internships at community companies and international companies. They also get involved in capstone jobs.

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